Discover a Simple Way to Settle Your Affairs

Discover a Simple Way to Settle Your Affairs

Retain a probate lawyer in Louisville, KY

Losing a loved one is hard enough. Probating their estate can also be a difficult process. Coleman, Roles & Associates, PLLC will administer their estate for you to put your family's mind at ease. Your probate lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky will review your family member's will, file the petition and carry out their wishes. We'll resolve any disputes along the way to probate the estate as quickly as possible.

Trust us to make sure your loved one's assets are distributed correctly. Call 502-584-8583 now to discuss your situation with a compassionate probate lawyer.

Do you want to start planning your estate today?

Reach out to Coleman, Roles & Associates in Louisville, Kentucky. Our estate planning services include:

  • Will drafting
  • Executor appointment
  • Beneficiary appointment
  • Trust setup

See how easily you can plan your estate. Get in touch with us today to schedule an estate planning consultation.