Don't Let Family Issues Ruin Your Life

Don't Let Family Issues Ruin Your Life

Turn to us for family law services in Louisville, KY

Your family has some of the most important people in your life. If you need help making decisions regarding child custody or a visitation schedule, contact Coleman, Roles & Associates, PLLC. We practice family law in Louisville, Kentucky. Your lawyer will explain your options clearly and address each of your concerns.

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Prevent a complicated divorce

Avoid a lengthy divorce process by hiring a divorce lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky. Your attorney will:

  • Meet with you to learn more about your situation
  • Recommend counseling if you're not ready to divorce
  • Learn what you and your spouse want to get out of the divorce
  • Find out if you have children and how strong your bond is
  • Prepare a settlement and fill out the required documents

We'll also resolve any issues that come up during the discussion. You can depend on us to help you and your spouse reach agreeable terms for your divorce.

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